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Todays Tip from Dr. Nagamani .S

How to live a healthy lifestyle?

You don't have to worry about lifestyle diseases that plague every second person. Making small healthy additions, replacements and substitutes to your life can assure you happiness in mind and body.

Here are some healthy tips for healthy living that you can incorporate from today

  • Dont just worry about the things you cannot help.
  • Get sufficient sleep.
  • Some relationships can kill you. Avoid them at the most.
  • Stop bad habits like smoking, alcohol etc.
  • Eat Healthy, work better, do gardening.

Healthy living is also about exploring yourself and your skills. It could be a mental or physical achievement that will give you lifetime satisfaction. Go live! Negative attitude will only ruin your health. Certain friendships are good for temporary benefits... get the hint! Healthy living is begotten from healthy and positive mind.

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We developed good and decent infrastructure to make our patients feel like theire home.

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